Tuesday, 21 August 2018

basaltic magma and black death=At that time, the whole world will quake and the people will wonder, “Is a new mabbul coming on the world?” … (Tanna d’Bei Eliyahu, Chapter 2)


How can water cover the entire world and not pour into Eretz Yisrael? With what we now know, we can readily see that according to Rabbi Yochanan, by the action of boiling magma in the interior of the earth, G-d raised Eretz Yisroel above the surrounding waters. After the mabbul (flood) the magma, and the land, subsided.

"If G-d intends to bring a flood of rainwater we don't have to worry" [said the people to Noach]. "We are so tall that the water couldn't get beyond our necks. If He plans to bring the water up from the depths of the earth, we will plug the springs with our huge feet." When the water gushed from the depths, the people did as they said and plugged the springs. Therefore, G-d brought up water from the depths at boiling temperatures and it cooked their flesh and melted their skin. (Pirkei d'Rebi Eliezer, 22)

and  Arabian plate moving eastward, enlarging Eretz Yisrael, and the boiling magma rising and descending, flattening mountains
"Two-hundred-and-forty (240) years before the Seventh Millennium (Year 6000), the Lower Waters will rise up and cover the entire world, and only Eretz Yisrael will remain, which will float on the surface of the water like Noach's ark. They will approach Gan Eden (Garden of Eden, somewhere in present-day Iraq), the place from which the Four Rivers emanate …" (Gali Razyah, Rokeach, 1160-1237 CE)
In the future, when G-d will punish Edom, He will shake the entire world just as He did at the time of Mattan Torah (Giving of the Torah). (Sifri, Devarim 33:2)
Any one who denies the Creator, the G'd of Avraham, Itschak and Yaacov is playing with fire. The fire that formed the Basalt stone and caused the Black death.

The choice is yours, you can no more deny.


  1. Orna, the fires are being ignited by something called “DEW” and because there are nails (within wood posts) and metal all around in houses, cars etc., the metal acts as a conductor and burns the wood from inside to the outside. Cars are torched unbelievably, but trees are left standing (because they are attached to the earth). It appears that this is deliberate, in order to clear the area of ‘humans’. Its a weird situation that has been in the making for many many years, not unrelated to the EU’s Agenda (21) 2030. Microchips implanted in humans, and ingredients in vaccines to shorten the lives of humans, and more. I just am waiting to see what HKB”H does to the world. And they cannot give away ANY LAND of Eretz Yisrael to foreign countries; if so, there will also be tremendous ramifications to those countries. We are entering a "time of trouble for Yaakov”.

    1. Bs''d

      Dear Neshama,
      thank you for the comment.
      I am very allert about all these weird things happening...
      and still, nothing happen without a reason, that said, reason based on the rules of the Creation, Ha Torah.
      As for Yaacov Avinu,
      he fighted against the other side and prevailed.
      No, no easy life after, but he understood that,
      nothing bad is left and everything is going to be used for the good.
      Every JEWISH Neshama will do tshuva.
      Hashem loves his Creation and His Children, you must know.
      This all happening is the oven that cleans from the klipot and evil.
      Do not watch it...but keep the eyes on the words of Torah.
      See everytime what's the weeks Parashat, Haftarah.
      You will be amazed in micro and macro.
      No one is spared from this heat and the obnly way to survive is EMUNA.
      Take care.