Saturday, 2 December 2017

" A favorite subjects of philosophers is the order of creation….Questions like these are discussed at length in such books. But it is all vanity and striving after wind.”


In a ideal Jewish house there is living room full of big family table=MIZBEAH with a huge library of books of our Torah,  ORA ORAITA.

No computers or phones connected to the Internet,  no kofrim and apicorusim entering our kosher jewish house/life.
No foreign ideas of goyim scoffing the Word of Hashem.
The danger of getting stuck in the Vacated space (see what Likutey Moharan says about) is then minimal.

I price my Creator for not making me a kofer.
May He protect me and my family,  all of Am Israel, to not to fall in it.

To read the books and knowledge of the ones that do not live the Torah. like eating chocolate with chalav nochri.
Why would you?

There is always a polish/ukrainian/belgian goy that puts small amount of pig milk in it when you are not aware (saying of my mother! ).

The smoking of Jews started in Warshava and I truly hope it ends there.

No cigarettes in Bet Knesset. ... in Eretz Israel.

The NESHAMA that You gave us is pure, please help us to be Holy for You.

As Daniel,  Hananiah, Azaryia,  Mishael,  Hadassah separate them from the klipot of goyim by eating MAK/MOHN/PEREG/POPPY SEED,  so we have to.

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